GT3 Cars & Cabernet

On January 9th, Winton Motor Raceway came alive to the sound of screaming flat sixes! The tight and technical track, situated in central Victoria, played host to the inaugural GT3 Cars and Cabernet event. The event was the brain child of Sven Burchartz, the owner of the wild and rowdy orange IROC you’ll see in the gallery below. I’ll be honest and say I missed the motivation behind the event but there were plenty of reasons I can think of. Pandemic lockdowns, the 20th anniversary of the Porsche GT3, 70 years of Porsche in Australia to name a few, or maybe it was just a good excuse to get a bunch of great people together in their kick ass cars to tear up the track and have some fun.

Every GT3 model since the first 996.1 was represented with plenty of colour and glorious noise to feed the senses. The event was untimed which gave everyone a great opportunity to get to know their cars better and use them for what they were designed for, hammering around a racetrack, all in a very relaxed and casual setting. Many participants made a weekend of it and stayed in the nearby town to enjoy the social side with dinners on Friday and Saturday night, drinking plenty of cabernet and talking nothing but Porsche.

The event proved to be a resounding success with next year’s date already locked in. Special thanks must go to @hughfeggans_aych and Porsche Forum Australia for helping make the event happen and Porsche Centre Brighton for providing everyone plenty of water to keep us hydrated as well as lunch and some pretty cool literature to read on the dunny.

Already can’t wait until the next one!