911 Speedster

What was just a concept not that long ago is now a reality with the 911 Speedster due to arrive on our shores later this year. Carrying a price tag of a whopping $605,000, this is another new release that I’m sure will be earmarked for the same people that got first dibs on the 911R and the GT2RS.

So what will the lucky few get for their minimum $605,000 (don’t forget the added options that Porsche love to sell)? Well, there’s exclusivity for starters with only 1,948 to be built. Why 1,948? Because that’s the year the first 356 Speedster was released. Owners will also get GT3 performance while working on that all important tan with the engine reported to be the naturally aspirate 4.0 litre out of the 991.2 GT3. The front and rear bumpers are unmistakably GT3 so we’d expect performance to match. Buyers will also get a light weight tonneau cover included in the price which buttons on to the car. I’m picturing the same system as an old Holden ute but surely I’m way off the mark?

Visually, I love their take on a classic legend. The shortened windscreen flows nicely towards the double bubble rear cover and its proportions still seem to work, unlike the G-series speedster. The GT3 dna seems to be wasted on a car that will never see the track but I suppose it makes sense to spec a car like this as high as possible without it being too psycho. I’m sure it will go down in history as another one of Porsche’s legends.

Check out the latest marketing video from Porsche.

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