Dakdak Cafe PFA Meet

Dakdak Café isn’t your typical café you’ll find on some funky shopping strip. It’s situated in the industrial area of Moorabbin Victoria and has built a bit of a reputation for being a great meeting place for car and motorcycle enthusiasts. Porsche Forum Australia have been going there on a semi regular basis for a number of years to catch up for a yarn and enjoy an excellent breakfast and coffee!

This morning I gave the cameras to my kids with the promise that I’d feature their photos on 911 Kuhlture. Cars aren’t really their thing but I had to keep them amused somehow. The joy of a hot chocolate and marshmallows only lasts so long before they’re tugging on my legs begging to go home. So here’s their galleries and I have to say, they’ve done pretty well. Enjoy ?

Tara’s Gallery

Tom’s Gallery

Dad’s Gallery